2020 Action Plan Creation Support Tool

 We offer the “2020 Action Plan Creation Support Tool” and
the “TDM Handbook” to help you create your “2020 Action Plan.”

To avoid any potential impact on company operations during the Games,
you should create a “2020 Action Plan” for your company, identifying items
that can be addressed and organizing what actions should be taken, when,
to what extent, and by which departments.

  • * The “TDM Handbook” provides information for organisations and companies considering TDM initiatives during the Games and describes how to make plans for coroporate efforts for the Games. Please also refer to the “2020 Action Plan Creation Support Tool” and the “2020 Action Plan Creation Reference Examples.”
  • * Click here for the 2020 Action Plan

To create a “2020 Action Plan,” download the 2020 Action Plan Creation Support Tool and complete steps 1 through 3 in order.

How to use the “2020 Action Plan Creation Support Tool”

  • 1. Download the “2020 Action Plan Creation Support Tool (Excel)” at the top of this page and open the file.
  • 2. In the space provided in Step 1, for each company/department, select “Items already underway,” “Items being considered as future initiatives,” and “Items that may not be underway until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games” from the items related to the movement of people (commuting, business travel) and goods (business-related, manufacturing and procurement). The items that can be selected are as follows.
  • * Please consider both company-wide initiatives and initiatives that are specific to individual divisions (departments).
  • 3. The fields in steps 2 and 3 can be filled in freely. Please indicate the details, period, and responsible department.
  • Step1 ・Identify the topics to be addressed
  • Step2 ・Determine the details (when, to what extent)
       Set the number of specific initiatives and the implementation period
  • Step3 ・Identify the person/department responsible for promoting the initiative and how to confirm its implementation
       Identify the department and person responsible for the initiative
    For those who don't know how to create a “2020 Action Plan,” or who want to dive deeper into the details of the initiative
  • ● If you participate in the project, you can receive free individual consultations with our advisors.
  • * Click here to apply to participate in the “2020 TDM Promotion Project”
  • ● At the business briefings for the 2020 TDM Promotion Project, we explain the status of the studies on transportation for the Games, focusing on transportation measures during the Tokyo 2020 Games.
  • * Click here for “Business briefing materials”
  • ● [Tokyo Metropolitan Government] Support for the use of teleworking

  •  ◇System for companies that have announced their commitment to the Telework Tokyo Rules:
    A system where companies develop and announce their own “teleworking rules” based on their actual situation. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will offer support for financing and securing human resources (discounted loan interest rates, subsidized loan guarantee fees, participation in matching events with job seekers for teleworking, etc.) to companies that make an announcement.
     Click here for details.

  •  ◇TOKYO Teleworking App:
    This is the official app from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to support the promotion of teleworking, including obtaining information on how to introduce and practice teleworking, requesting seminars, and finding a satellite office.
     Click here for details

  •  ◇For more information, click here