Request for Cooperation related to Logistics during the Tokyo 2020 Games

Shipping and logistics companies at the origin and destination points

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism sent a request to shipping and logistics companies at the origin and destination points to jointly improve logistics efficiency throughout the supply chain to reduce traffic congestion during the Tokyo 2020 Games.
 In terms of road traffic in Tokyo during the COVID-19 pandemic, overall road traffic has returned to the same level as in previous years, although there have been some regional fluctuations in the amount of goods considered to be in demand in terms of logistics, as well as a decrease in the use of large vehicles on the expressways.
 The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be held from Friday 23 July this year. Traffic is expected to be higher than normal as athletes and Games related personnel will travel in cars and buses during the Tokyo 2020 Games.
 We would like to ask all businesses to continue to implement their ongoing COVID-19 control measures this summer to ensure smooth logistics during the Games and sustainable logistics thereafter.
 We would appreciate if industry associations could pass on this request to their member companies and if companies could pass it on to their business partners.

【Requested corporate efforts】

    1. Requested examples to suppress traffic volume 
  • ・Sharing of warehouses, joint shipping and delivery through cooperation between multiple shippers
  • ・Joint pickup and delivery operations in tenant buildings, etc.
  • ・Consolidation of transportation networks by combining the distribution bases of multiple distributed shippers
  • ・Consolidation and rationalization of reverse logistics
  • ・Reduction of transportation frequency, etc.

    2. Requested examples to disperse and level traffic volume 
  • ・Setting flexible transportation and delivery intervals by placing orders with sufficient lead time
  • ・Setting flexible transportation and delivery routes by placing orders with sufficient lead time
    (setting transportation and delivery routes that do not use the metropolitan expressway or general roads leading into the city center)
  • ・Postponing work that involves moving goods on a large scale, such as office relocations, to a time other than the Games period
  • ・Changing sales promotion schedules to a time other than the Games period
  • ・Leveling shipping and delivery dates through inventory adjustments
  • ・Shortening delivery times and improving transportation efficiency by reviewing ancillary work and streamlining inspection activities
  • ・Changing sales promotion schedules to a time other than the Games period
    (For deliveries to areas where traffic congestion is expected, changing the location of delivery bases or shipping from multiple bases, etc.)
  • ・Shift the delivery time to nighttime etc.

    3. Others 
  • ・In areas where traffic congestion is expected, please cooperate with “Securing Parking Spaces” and “Smooth Handover of Goods” whenever possible in order to avoid traffic congestion to worsen caused by trucks waiting on public roads.

Information on outgoing document “Request for Cooperation related to Logistics”

If you are an industry association, please spread the word to your
member companies. If you are a company, please share this information
with your business partners. If you need explanation on this matter
in preparation for the Games, please contact the following address.

<Contact address>
Transport Section, Tokyo 2020 Games Venues Division, Bureau of Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Preparation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

For small and medium enterprises and shopping areas

The “2020 Logistics TDM Board Committee” is an organisation established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government whose main purpose is to promote logistics measures for small and medium-sized enterprises in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Games, with the participation of relevant government agencies, small and medium-sized enterprise organisations, trucking associations, and others.

In the future, specific measures will be reviewed and implemented while providing information, advice, and guidance on logistics TDM for SMEs.