TDM action goals for the Tokyo 2020 Games

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo in summer 2021.

A total of over 10 million people, including athletes, Games related personnel, media representatives, and spectators, will come to Tokyo during the Games. There is concern that serious traffic congestion will occur on the roads and public transit if we do not take any countermeasures.

Around 70,000 additional cars will travel on the metropolitan expressways every day
Up to about 800,000 spectators and other visitors will use the railways every day
Traffic congestion on the metropolitan expressways will roughly double due to the high concentration of traffic
On general roads, there will be congestion on the roads leading into the city centre in the mornings
For public transit, train delays and journey times will increase due to congestion


<Change in congestion delay time per vehicle due to changes in traffic volume>


Passenger numbers will increase by about 10 per cent due to use by spectators and diversion from road travel
If no action is taken, there is a risk that the movement of people and goods will be restricted and activities in the city will be delayed.
Examples of things that could happen during the Games (risks)
  • Delayed delivery of materials, etc.
  • Products will not arrive at supermarkets and convenience stores
  • Courier services will not arrive on time
  • Buses will not arrive on time or journeys will take longer than usual
  • Difficulty getting a cab
  • Unable to get to work on time or be on time for business appointments

[Road Traffic]
    General traffic
  • Our goal is to reduce general traffic in the Tokyo metropolitan area by a uniform 10% by the time of the Games.
  • In particular, we aim to reduce traffic entering and exiting intensive effort districts by 30%.
    Metropolitan Expressway
  • We will aim to reduce traffic volumes by up to 30% on the Metropolitan Expressway, which is the backbone of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Olympic Route Network (ORN), in order to achieve a good traffic environment comparable to that of a public holiday.
    (This will be achieved through TDM, additional measures, etc.)
[Public Transport (Railway)]
  • Our goal is to achieve the same level of safety and smooth operation as in the current situation by eliminating localized congestion.

In order to avoid this risk and ensure continued stable economic activity during the Games,
it is essential to obtain cooperation from a wide range of businesses, organisations and individuals to gradually reduce transport congestion
We request for your cooperation to reduce transport congestion during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.
  • As this could have a serious impact on business, we ask all companies to cooperate and to be prepared in advance

[Procedure (Example)]

STEP 1: Check your company's areas of impact

    ・Is your office or business partner located in a high traffic area?

STEP 2: Identify possible actions

    ・Are there measures that can be implemented together with your company or business partner?

STEP 3: Trial run

    ・Why not try actually implementing the initiatives at this time to understand their impacts and issues?

[Requested Initiatives]

Initiatives related to the flow of people

    ・Planned use of holidays
  • Example: Take a summer vacation during the Smooth Biz period!
    ・Introduce a system of staggered working hours and flextime
  • Example: Avoid morning rush hours when coming to work!
    ・Introduce teleworking
  • Example: a work style where you don't have to come to the crowded downtown area! Participate in Telework Days 2020
    ・Replace meetings with emails, phone calls, etc.
  • Example: minimize travel!
    ・Change opening hours and closures
  • Example: change opening hours by making them earlier or later

Initiatives related to the flow of goods

    ・Changes in delivery times
  • Example: move up delivery date to first half of July and hold more inventories in advance!
    ・Avoid or bypass congested times and areas
  • Example: Consider transportation plans to avoid times and routes that may be congested during the Games (shift main route traffic to night-time, change production and warehouse locations, etc.)
    ・Discuss with shippers and other parties involved in the supply chain
  • Example: Change delivery times and frequency to improve loading efficiency (consolidate orders and deliveries, etc.) / Limit returns and disposal / Simplify inspections / Add one day to delivery times / Standardize pallets and cardboard boxes / Collaborate with other companies (shared logistics) / Participate in Telework Days 2019


  • ・In preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Games, organisations and companies are also promoting initiatives.
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  • ・The Tokyo Metropolitan Government also implemented the "TMG Tokyo 2020 Action Plan" this summer.
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