Social Media Policy

The Secretariat has established the following communication guidelines (Terms of Use) for the social media content (hereinafter, “Pages”) it operates. Please agree to the following guidelines before using thus Website.

Purpose of using social media

In order to build better relationships with our customers and social media users, we will use various social media platforms for promotion, communication activities, announcements and PR activities.

Basic Philosophy

When using social media, we will adhere to the code of conduct established by the Secretariat and conduct our activities in accordance with business ethics and legal requirements.

Secretariat recognition of social media

The Secretariat will adhere to the following when using social media and are fully aware of our responsibilities and the implications of transmitting information via social media.

To all social media users

Please note any information posted by the Secretariat on social media does not necessarily represent official announcements or the views of the Secretariat. Official announcements and opinions can be found on this Website and in press releases.
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